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Original author(s) Dave Baggett
Developer(s) Arcode Corporation
Operating system Microsoft Windows, Mac OS
Type Email client

Inky is an email client for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS. Developed in 2008 by Arcode, Inc, based in Bethesda, Maryland, Inky was designed to be a simplistic email client that allows users to view all of their email accounts together on one screen. Inky works with any IMAP or POP account including Yahoo! Mail, AOL Mail, Gmail, and Windows Live Hotmail.[1] Inky also has Microsoft Exchange connectivity. One of Inky's main features is its smart views and relevance sorting, which simplify the email process. Inky automatically organizes emails, and sorts social updates, daily deals, subscriptions and other non-critical messages into individual folders.[2] In June 2013, Arcode released the latest version of Inky which includes updated smart views, account color and icon customization, as well as sender images. Inky also supports multiple accounts with separate personalization options for each account, as well as suggestions for additional email recipients based on frequently-mailed groups. It is currently in beta and continuing to grow.[3][4] In March 2014, Inky added letter-at-a-time search.[5] In May 2014, Inky became available for iPhone and iPad.[6] Inky's email app for iPhone and iPad was selected for Gizmodo's Favorite Apps of the Week in June, 2014.[7]


Inky stores the user's email password encrypted on their server.[8]


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