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Inmagic logo

Inmagic, Inc. is a company based in Woburn, Massachusetts that sells information management and library services software.[1] It was founded in 1983 by Elizabeth Bole Eddison and Karen Brothers. Customers of its software have included Dow Chemicals, Kraft Foods, Lehman Brothers, and Yale University.[2]

Inmagic, Inc. sold its special library business in October 2011, and then its knowledge management business in December 2011 to SydneyPLUS. SydneyPLUS International rebranded itself as Lucidea in 2014, and now Inmagic is a product line sold by Lucidea, including Inmagic Presto, Inmagic Genie, DB/TextWorks and DB/Text Webpublisher PRO.[3]


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