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Fraham - Wiesmühle, Mühlbach.jpg
Wiesmühle in Fraham
Origin near Gaspoltshofen
Mouth the Danube at Wilhering
Basin countries Austria
Length 53 km (33 mi)
Basin area 196 km2 (76 sq mi)

The Innbach is a river in Upper Austria with a length of approximately 53 km (33 mi). Its source is near Gaspoltshofen at the foot of the Hausruck hills and empties into the Danube at Wilhering. Its drainage basin covers 196 km² (76 sq mi). After Gaspoltshofen, the Innbach passes the towns of Kematen am Innbach, Pichl bei Wels and Bad Schallerbach, at the mouth of the Trattnach. Near Eferding, it joins with the Aschach and a few kilometers later flows underneath the Danube Power Station and into the Danube.

Due to its high volume, many mills were once located along the Innbach.

The Innbach is populated with many species of fish, among them: brown trout, brook trout, bullhead, minnow, grayling, gudgeon, rainbow trout, chub, barbel, roach, rudd, spirlin, perch, nase, dace, bleak, carp, bream, burbot, pike, zander, and catfish.

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Coordinates: 48°19′16″N 14°09′39″E / 48.3212°N 14.1609°E / 48.3212; 14.1609