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Sign in Guwahati Airport showing Inner Line Permit requirements to Arunachal Pradesh

Inner Line Permit (ILP) is an official travel document issued by the concerned state government to allow inward travel of an Indian citizen into a protected area for a limited period. It is obligatory for Indian citizens from outside those states to obtain a permit for entering into the protected state. The document is an effort by the government to regulate movement to certain areas located near the international border of India. An ILP is usually significantly easier to obtain than the analogous Protected Area Permit (PAP) which is the document required by non-citizens to enter the same areas.


According to the Constitution of India, all Indian citizens are free to live and work in any state of the country, but entry to certain states with a protected status requires authorisation by the concerned state government i.e special permissions are required to visit these areas. Such a permit authorising an Indian citizen to enter a protected area is referred to as an 'inner line permit' as it grants entry to areas lying between the international boundary and the so-called "Inner Line" of the country.

States which require permit[edit]

  • Arunachal Pradesh — issued by the secretary (political) of the Government of Arunachal Pradesh. It is required for entering Arunachal Pradesh through any of the check gates across the interstate border with Assam or Nagaland. An ILP for temporary visitors is valid for 7 days and can be extended, while one for those taking employment in the state and their immediate family members is valid for a year.[1][2][3] The Arunachal Pradesh government is planning to implement a permit-on-arrival system.[4]
  • Mizoram — Issued by the Government of Mizoram. It is required for entering Mizoram through any of the check gates across the inter-State borders. Typically, a "Temporary ILP" is issued to visitors, which is valid for 7 days and can be extended another 15 days, with the possibility of extending it to one month in exceptional circumstances. However, with the sponsorship of a local resident or government department, a "Regular ILP" can be procured, which is valid for 6 months and can be renewed twice for another 6 months each.[5][6] If arriving by air, an ILP can be obtained on arrival at Lengpui Airport in Aizawl.[7]
  • Nagaland — Issued by the Government of Nagaland.
  • Manipur — The bill to implement ILP in Manipur was introduced in 2018,[8][9] by the Government of Manipur. The bill did not get passed since it could not get the President's assent. Further, the inclusion of Manipur in Inner Line Permit is also announced on 10 December 2019.[10]

An ILP was previously required for certain parts of the Leh district in Ladakh. This requirement was abolished by a circular issued by district magistrate which took effect from 1 May 2014, although foreign nationals are required to get Protected Area Permit for this region.[11] But the ILP was implemented again in Leh in 2017.[12] There are also ongoing demands for the introduction of ILP in Meghalaya, Assam and Andaman and Nicobar Islands to regulate entry of outsiders into the state.[13]

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