Inner Revolution

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Inner Revolution
Studio album by Adrian Belew
Released February 1992
Recorded March 24, 1991 – November 9, 1991
Genre Progressive rock
Label Atlantic
Producer Adrian Belew
Adrian Belew chronology
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Inner Revolution
The Acoustic Adrian Belew

Inner Revolution is the sixth solo album by Adrian Belew, originally released in 1992. Recorded in the wake of Belew's divorce from his first wife Margaret, the album is a collection of 1960s inspired pop songs featuring Belew's trademark heavily processed experimental guitar arrangements. It features guest performances from several musicians including Belew's Bears bandmate Chris Arduser on drums and Martha Pickart on cello. Inner Revolution was re-released in 2003 by Wounded Bird Records.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks composed by Adrian Belew

  1. "Inner Revolution"
  2. "This Is What I Believe In"
  3. "Standing In The Shadow"
  4. "Big Blue Sun"
  5. "Only A Dream"
  6. "Birds"
  7. "I’d Rather Be Right Here"
  8. "The War In The Gulf Between Us"
  9. "I Walk Alone"
  10. "Everything"
  11. "Heaven’s Bed"
  12. "Member Of The Tribe"


  • Adrian Belew - vocals, multi-instruments, producer
  • Chris Arduser - drums
  • Mike Barnett - bass
  • Jean Dickinson - violin
  • Lizbeth Getman - viola
  • Alison Lee Jewer - violin, arrangement
  • Martha Pickart - cello