Innermost intercostal muscle

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Innermost intercostal muscle
Innermost intercostal muscles back.png
Innermost intercostal muscle (red), seen from back.
Latin musculus intercostalis intimus
Superior border of each rib
Inferior border of the preceding rib
intercostal arteries
intercostal nerves
Actions Through adduction of upper ribs to the lower ribs the muscles narrow intercostal slits and diminish thorax volume, therefore the muscles represent expiratory muscles.
TA A04.4.01.014
FMA 74086
Anatomical terms of muscle

The innermost intercostal muscle is a layer of intercostal muscles deep to the plane that contains the intercostal nerves and intercostal vessels and the internal intercostal muscles. These are divided into:

  1. transversus thoracis anteriorly
  2. lateral muscle slips laterally (which cross a single intercostal space)
  3. subcostalis posteriorly (which often cross more than one intercostal space)

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