Innisfree Poetry Bookstore and Cafe

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Storefront of Innisfree poetry bookstore and cafe
A picture of the stacks inside Innisfree poetry bookstore and cafe.

Innisfree poetry bookstore and cafe (Innisfree's) is a poetry only bookstore and local coffee cafe. It is located on the University Hill in Boulder, Colorado,[1] on 13th and Pennsylvania avenue "diagonally across from The Sink."[2] Innisfree is one of only three bookstores in the United States dedicated exclusively to poetry, and offers a selection of both adult poetry as well as poetry written for young adult's and children.[1][3] The name of the store comes from the poem Lake Isle of Innisfree by William Butler Yeats.[1][4] In order to connect with the local poetry community the store itself hosts twice weekly poetry readings by both beginning writers as well as established poets.[1][4] In addition to poetry, Innisfree offers locally roasted Conscious Coffee which won the 2011 roaster of the year award from Roast magazine.[1][5]


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