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Business Incubator
Industry Innovation Service
Founded April, 2012
Founder Liu Wanfeng
Headquarters Shanghai
Products Investments

InnoSpring is a global brand for innovation and entrepreneurship service since 2012. The brand of “InnoSpring” is owned and managed by Shanghai Chuangyuan Science and Technology Development LTD., whose businesses include space solutions, innovation services and investment management. InnoSpring originates from the meaning of “a continuous source spring of innovation”. Since 2012, InnoSpring has been developed as a global innovation service network headquartered in Shanghai. [1]


InnoSpring is an innovation and service provider with professional capability, global vision and network resource. It is devoted to establishment of a global integrated platform of innovative resources, to provide end-to-end service in space, investment, entrepreneur system, business mentors and market resources to help with the start-ups’ rapid growth as well as the improvement of regional innovation capacity.The management team of InnoSpring has more than 15 years’ experiences in science park and incubator operation, and it has a wealth of experience on the development of regional innovation and enterprise globalization. [2]

InnoSpring provides office space, innovative services and investment management. It currently has science parks and incubators in Shanghai, Silicon Valley, San Francisco, Nantong, and Kunshan.[3]

InnoSpring (Silicon Valley) was set up in April, 2012 as the first Sino-US incubator by InnoSpring (Shanghai), Tsinghua Science Park (TusPark), and Silicon Valley Bank. It is vital for the company’s global strategy as a soft-landing platform for Chinese and US companies entering each other’s market. Since 2012, InnoSpring (SV) has incubated and served more than 100 start-ups, 26 of which totally valued over $500 million. They received investment from InnoSpring Seed Fund, which is invested by KPCP, NLVC, IDG, Legend Capital, Legend Star, SBCVC, etc. InnoSpring (SV) set up an office in San Francisco in 2015.[4]

Notable start-ups[edit]


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