Inno Nazionale della Repubblica

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Inno Nazionale della Repubblica
English: National Anthem of the Republic
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National anthem of  San Marino
Lyrics Giosuè Carducci (Unofficial)
Music Federico Consolo
Adopted 1894

The Inno Nazionale is the national anthem of the Republic of San Marino. It was written by Federico Consolo, an Italian violinist and composer, and replaced Giubilanti d'amore fraterno as the national anthem in 1894. This national anthem is one of a few without official lyrics (along with Spain, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Kosovo), and is therefore simply called Inno Nazionale (Italian: National anthem). Although it is little known and scarcely heard within the wider European Community, the Inno Nazionale is regularly played in the streets of San Marino City by the musicians of the Military Ensemble during national and religious festivals.

Unofficial lyrics[edit]

Italian English translation

O antica Repubblica
Onore a te virtuosa
Onore a te (repeat stanza)

Generosa fidente,
O, Repubblica

Onore e vivi eterna
Con la vita
E gloria d'Italia

O Repubblica
Onore a te.

O ancient Republic
honour to you, virtuous
honour to you (repeat stanza)

Generous fidelity,
O virtuous one.
O Republic,

Honour and eternal life,
with the life
and glory of Italy

O Republic
honour to you.

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