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Platform view of U4

Berlin Innsbrucker Platz is a railway station in the Schöneberg district of Berlin and located on the square of the same name. It is served by the Ringbahn lines S41, S42, S45 and S46 of the Berlin S-Bahn, as well as by the U-Bahn line U4.

The U-Bahn station opened in 1910 with the original name Hauptstraße after the section of the Reichsstraße 1 running through the districts of Schöneberg and Friedenau. It was renamed Innsbrucker Platz, after the Tyrolean capital Innsbruck, with the inauguration of the S-Bahn station in 1933. After the war the station was reopened in 1945. In the 1970s the entrance was changed a few times due to the construction of a tunnel in the course of the BAB 100 motorway (Stadtring).

The platform is too short to cope more than six wagons. A buffer marks the end of the short U4 line, an elongation is not in sight.[1]


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One-way operation
toward Ringbahn (clockwise)
One-way operation
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Terminus U4

Coordinates: 52°28′43″N 13°20′38″E / 52.47861°N 13.34389°E / 52.47861; 13.34389