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Ino or INO may refer to:

Arts and music[edit]

  • "I'm Not Okay" (INO), a 2004 song by American alternative rock band My Chemical Romance
  • I-No, a character in the Guilty Gear series of video games
  • Ino (Greek mythology), a queen of Thebes in Greek mythology
  • INO Records, an American Christian music label
  • Ino Yamanaka, a character in the anime/manga series Naruto
  • INO, Greek artist



  • Fort Ino, a defunct Russian coastal fortress in the Gulf of Finland
  • Ino, Kōchi, a town in Kochi Prefecture, Japan
  • Inó, the Hungarian name for Inău village, Someș-Odorhei Commune, Sălaj County, Romania
  • Ino, Alabama, an unincorporated community, United States
  • Ino, Wisconsin, an unincorporated community, United States
  • Inongo Airport (IATA code: INO) in Inongo, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Science and technology[edit]