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InoForum — independent internet resource, which searches for, translates and publishes in Russian articles from foreign editions, first of all the ones that are political, related to Russia or the attitude towards Russia in various countries, as well as readers comments and forums. Translations are published daily.[1]

All the job to maintain the project is performed by volunteers from the readers of that internet resource. The job includes forming the contents (selection of articles, translating and editing), administration and technical support of the site.


The independent internet project Inoforum was established on March 11, 2009 after Yaroslav Ognev left the Inosmi.Ru and a new editor-in-chief was assigned.

It was planned, that Inosmi would broaden its informational and analytical activities, in particular, a feature of posting comments to articles would be introduced, while the comments would become a source of opinions and contents for the foreign editions. While the forum of Inosmi known in the Runet for its speech freedom and patriotically minded visitors would cease its existence, as many forum visitors were concerned.[2]

A lot of Inosmi readers and forum participants did not support changes to the politics of the resource.[4] In their blogs and personal websites forum participants of Inosmi openly expressed their discontent with the ongoing events and took a series of actions to preserve the format of the site and of discussions they were accustomed to.

First of all, Inosmi fans were assured [5] that the site would cease to be the independent information source about Russia. Reminding the great role that it played in covering the 2008 South Ossetian war and bringing the facts to the western readers, Inosmi fans clarified their position in the "Open letter of Inosmi forum participants":

Inoforum is the specialized site of free discussing of foreign press articles, commentaries of foreign readers and forums in foreign languages.


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