İnönü University

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İnönü University
Inonu University Logo
Established 1975 [1]
Type Public
Rector Cemil Celik, Ph.D.
Students Over 38,000 undergraduates and graduates [2]
Location Malatya, Turkey
Campus Urban and Suburban (Total 7.68 km2)
Colors White and Orange

İnönü University is a public university in Malatya, Turkey. On 28 January 1975 Turkish Parliament ordered the establishment of İnönü University in Malatya, the hometown of the 2nd and 8th presidents of Turkey who are Ismet Inonu and Turgut Ozal.

İnönü University Center Campus

İnönü University is one of the biggest public university of eastern part of Turkey. İnönü University has six campuses, five institutes, thirteen faculties, nineteen research centers and an innovative science and technology park (Technopolis) which is called Malatya Technology Development Zone in Malatya. Over 70,000 students have graduated since 1975 from İnönü University.[3] Inside the university, there is a museum commemorating Ismet Inonu, along-with another museum commemorating Turgut Ozal.

Turgut Ozal Medical Center, Inonu University Center Campus
Turgut Ozal Medical Center

İnönü University Turgut Ozal Medical Center is one of the biggest research and implementation hospital in the world. It serves as a district hospital and accepts patients from neighbor countries as well. It is among the top three hospitals in liver transplant in the world and also serves in other areas such as kidney transplants, bone marrow transplants and burn injuries.[4] Turgut Ozal Medical Center has Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Dentistry and Faculty of Pharmacy and also, it has an Adult Hospital and a Liver Transplant Hospital. İnönü University has planned to have Oncology Hospital until 2018.[5]

In addition, İnönü University has the biggest Solar Energy Center in Turkey. With this energy center, İnönü University produces its own electricity for Turgut Ozal Medical Center. This center is the most innovative investment and İnönü University did it its own endowment. Solar Energy Center fulfills 30 percent of Turgut Ozal Medical Center electricity requirement. İnönü University Solar Energy Center started to work May 2015.




Research Centers[edit]

  • Turgut Ozal Medical Center
  • Environmental Problems Research and Application Center
  • Ottoman Period Criminal Records Research and Application Center
  • Traditional Handicraft Research and Application Center
  • Apricot Research and Application Center
  • Heavens Sciences Research and Application Center
  • Principles of Ataturk Research Center for Modern Turkish History
  • Experimental Animal Production and Research Center
  • Industry-University Cooperation Research and Application Center
  • Scientific and Technological Research Center
  • Continuing Education Research and Application Center
  • Distance Education Research and Application Center
  • Gifted Research and Application Center
  • Children with Disabilities Research and Application Center
  • Women's Problems Research and Application Center
  • Language Education Research and Application Center
  • Niyazi-i Misri Research Center
  • Statistics and Econometrics Research and Application Center
  • Beekeeping Development-Application and Research Center

Last Rectors of İnönü University[edit]


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