Inou Tsukai

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Inou Tsukai
Inou Tsukai first edition cover
Designer(s) Hirano Kazumori, F.E.A.R.
Publisher(s) Enterbrain, Game Field
Publication date 2003, 2010
Genre(s) Superhero, Denki-mono
System(s) custom

Inou Tsukai (異能使い, lit. Users of strange powers) is a Japanese superhero role-playing game released in 2003.

The setting is modern Japan, but many mysteries based on Japanese legends and ethnic cultures are present. The genre is called denki-mono (伝奇物) in Japan.

Superhuman powers (called Inou), ghosts and youkais are present in the setting.

At first, the game was created by an amateur designer Kazumori Hirano and got the prize of the 1st Game Field Award in 2000. After that it was commercially published by Game Field in 2003.

A second edition was published in 2010.

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