Inoue Gennan Inseki

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Inoue Gennan Inseki
Full name Inoue Gennan Inseki
Kanji 井上幻庵因碩
Born 1798
Died 1859
Rank 8 dan

Gennan Inseki Inoue (井上幻庵因碩, Inoue Gennan Inseki, 1798–1859) was a Japanese professional go player, and head of the Inoue house from 1824–1846. He proposed a changed numbering that made him the eleventh head (rather than tenth), by including Doseki at the head of the list.

At various times he was known as Hattori Rittetsu, Inoue Ansetsu, Intetsu, Gennan Inseki, Inoue Gennan Inseki. A talented player at the highest level, but unlucky in practical terms. He was involved in one of the most famous games, the so-called Ear-reddening game against Hon'inbō Shūsaku.

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Preceded by
Inoue Insa Inseki
Inoue Inseki
Succeeded by
Inoue Setsuzan Inseki