Inoue Masaharu

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Inoue Masaharu
Born (1805-11-25)November 25, 1805
Died March 28, 1847(1847-03-28) (aged 41)
Nationality Japanese
Other names Kawachi-no-kami
Occupation Daimyō

Inoue Masaharu (井上 正春?, November 25, 1805 – March 28, 1847) was a daimyō and official of the Tokugawa shogunate during late-Edo period Japan. His courtesy title was Kawachi-no-kami.


Inoue Masaharu was the eldest son of the disgraced former daimyō of Hamamatsu, Inoue Masamoto, who had been demoted to Tanagura Domain in Mutsu Province. He inherited the leadership of the Inoue clan and the position of daimyō of Tanakura Domain on his father's death in 1820.

In 1820, Masaharu was also appointed to the office of Sōshaban (Master of Ceremonies), and in 1834 to that of Jisha-bugyō. In 1836, he was transferred to Tatebayashi Domain (60,000 koku) in Kōzuke Province. In 1838, he was appointed Osaka jōdai (Castellan of Osaka) and in 1840, ascended to the rank of Rōjū (Senior Councilor) in the service of Shogun Tokugawa Ieyoshi.

In 1845, with the resignation of head Rōjū Mizuno Tadakuni over the failure of the Tenpō Reforms and subsequent exile from Hamamatsu Domain to Yamagata Domain in Dewa Province, Inoue Masaharu was able to achieve the Inoue clan's goal of returning to Hamamatsu after an absence of 28 years. From his years in Tanakura in Mutsu, Masaharu brought back with him a considerable body of knowledge on cotton production as well as artisans to build new looms, thus developing a major new industry for Hamamatsu and source of income for the domain. He died in 1847, only two years after the return of the clan to Hamamatsu, and his grave is at the clan temple of Jōshin-ji in Mukogaoka, Bunkyō, Tokyo

Masaharu was married to a daughter of Abe Masakiyo, daimyō of Fukuyama Domain. He was succeeded by his fourth son Inoue Masanao. One of his daughters was the formal wife of Mizuno Tadakiyo, the son and heir of Mizuno Tadakuno.


Preceded by
Inoue Masamoto
Daimyō of Tanagura
Succeeded by
Matsudaira Yasukata
Preceded by
Matsudaira Nariyasu
Daimyō of Tatebayashi
Succeeded by
Akimoto Yukitomo
Preceded by
Manabe Akikatsu
61st Castellan of Osaka
Succeeded by
Aoyama Tadanaga
Preceded by
Mizuno Tadakiyo
Daimyō of Hamamatsu
Succeeded by
Inoue Masanao