Input/Output (EP)

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EP by The Letterpress
Released 2003
Recorded Flying Blanket Recording
Genre Math rock, Indie rock, Emo
Length 24:54
Label Sunset Alliance (ALLY 024)
Producer Bob Hoag

Input/Output is an EP by the band The Letterpress that was released in 2003 by Sunset Alliance.


While the critical reception for Input/Output was mixed, those who did not love The Letterpress's sound, praised its originality in creating complex melodies without any guitars, since the band features only two basses and a drum set.

Critics at Impact Press loved the record. According to them, the "[t]wo basses work together to create rhythmically beautiful melodies." allowing The Letterpress to feature "[g]reat musicianship with an original niche." [1] Matt Shimmer at would also be a large proponent of the album, declaring that "this is a formidable effort from The Letterpress" which "should have no problem garnering interest from the math-rock and 'complex indie rock' communities," before giving the record a score of 85%.[2]

Stephen Carradini at perhaps best expresses the opinion of those who did not absolutely love the record. While admitting "[t]he fact that The Letterpress can make music that would pass for smooth, hypnotic, guitar-based indie rock with only two basses is a spectacular achievement," Mr. Carradini contends that "[t]here is a point, though, where we have to distinguish novelty factor from actual musical ingenuity. While this is an extremely creative idea, and the music is good, 'Input/Output' sounds like a lot of other subdued indie rock. The members have expertly imitated electric guitars without actually playing electric guitars, but they imitated a little too well." [3]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Input/Output" 4:19
2. "Autumn" 2:02
3. "Ember" 2:48
4. "Closer and Distant" 3:48
5. "Launch Sequence" 4:15
6. "Hanging in the Stars" 3:42
7. "Falling Away" 4:00


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