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Inquilab Zindabad (Hindustani: इंक़िलाब ज़िन्दाबाद (Devanagari), اِنقلاب زِنده باد (Nasta'liq), Punjabi: ਇਨਕਲਾਬ ਜ਼ਿੰਦਾਬਾਦ) is an Urdu phrase which translates to "Long Live the Revolution!" Its first use by a revolutionary was in 1929 when Bhagat Singh shouted it after bombing the Central Assembly in Delhi. It became one of the rallying cries of the Indian independence movement. The famous slogan was given by Hasrat Mohani and inspired the activities of the Hindustan Socialist Republican Association particularly Bhagat Singh and his comrades.The famous slogan of Indian freedom fighters Inquilab Zindabad was coined by Hasarat Mohani himself.[1] In Indian political novels chronicling the independence movement, a pro-independence sentiment is often characterized by characters shouting this slogan.[2]


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