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Bebida de ginseng.jpg
Type Tea
Country of origin Korea
Ingredients ginseng, water, honey
Ginseng tea
Hangul 인삼차
Hanja 人蔘
Revised Romanization insamcha
McCune–Reischauer insamch'a
IPA [in.sam.tɕʰa]
Ginseng root hair tea
Hangul 미삼차
Hanja 尾蔘
Revised Romanization misamcha
McCune–Reischauer misamch'a
IPA [mi.sam.tɕʰa]

Insamcha (literally ginseng tea) is a traditional Korean tea made with ginseng, pine nuts, and honey. It has a strong fragrance and taste. Ginseng is prized in Korea, and is thought to improve vitality and physical strength. Some studies have suggested that the saponin in ginseng may have anti-cancer properties.[1]

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