Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet

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Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet
Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet cover.jpg
Developer(s) Shadow Planet Productions (Fuelcell Games/Gagne International)
Publisher(s) Microsoft Studios
Designer(s) Michel Gagné, Joe Olson
Composer(s) Andrew Scott, Dimmu Borgir
Platform(s) Xbox 360 (XBLA),
Microsoft Windows
Release Xbox 360 (XBLA)
August 3, 2011
Microsoft Windows
April 17, 2012
OS X and Linux
October 28, 2014[1]
Genre(s) Multi-directional shooter, Metroidvania[2]
Mode(s) Single-player, Multiplayer

Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet is a downloadable shooter/exploration/puzzle video game developed by Shadow Planet Productions (Fuelcell Games/Gagne International) and published by Microsoft Studios for Xbox Live Arcade and Games for Windows – Live. A self-published DRM-free version with soundtrack included was featured in the Humble Indie Bundle 13.[1]


Development of the game began in 2007 and was first demonstrated in March 2011 at Penny Arcade Expo East.[3] The game is set on an alien planet and includes exploration elements similar to Metroid and Castlevania.[4] Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet was released on August 3, 2011.[5] The game features music by Dimmu Borgir during cinematics;[6] the songs "Progenies of the Great Apocalypse" (orchestral version) and "Eradication Instincts Defined" play during the game, while the trailer featured "Blood Hunger Doctrine".


Insanely Twisted Shadow planet received generally favorable reviews for both versions of the game, Xbox 360 and PC (Steam), with game databases Metacritic and MobyGames giving the game aggregate review scores of 76/100.[7][8][9]

Aggregate score
Aggregator Score
Metacritic 77/100[17]
Review scores
Publication Score B+[10]
Eurogamer 6/10[11]
Game Informer 8/10[13]
GamePro 4/5[16]
GameSpot 7.5/10[12]
IGN 8/10[15]
X-Play 4/5

Websites such as Extra Guy gave the game a rating of "A - Must Play", calling the game "an exploratory shooter that combines the best elements of Solar Jetman and Ecco the Dolphin into an extraterrestrial adventure that forges an identity all its own."[18]

While Game Breakers gave the game a rating of 4.5 out of 5, claiming the game was "like a long forgotten Metroid game" and praising the game's art style, exploration elements, and diversified weapons.[19] Destructoid gave the game a 6 out of 10 score, noting the game as an "attempt to run in multiple directions at once and make very little ground at all" and concluding: "Sadly, great visuals do not make a great game." [20]

Several other websites highlighted the game's excellent visuals,[21][22][23] amongst IGN, praised the game's beautiful and well-conceived world, criticizing it for being too short, and gave it an 8 out of 10 rating.


British Academy Award (BAFTA) for Best Debut Game

Annie Award for Best Animated Game

Navigatr (National Academy of Video Game Testers and Reviewers) for Best Original Light Mix Score

Video Game Award (nomination) for Best Downloadable

Interactive Achievement Award (nomination) for Best Downloadable

Annual Game Music Award (nomination) Outstanding Achievement Licensed Music (Dimmu Borgir)


Local and online multiplayer are supported in Lantern Run and the Shadow Hunters DLC.


The Shadow Hunters expansion was released on Xbox Live Arcade on October 12, 2011.[24] It expands on the Lantern Run mode in the base game, allowing players to team up in a continuation of the storyline.[25] Shadow Hunters was included for free in the PC port of the game.[26]


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