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An insectarium is a live insect zoo, or a museum or exhibit of live insects. Insectariums often display a variety of insects and similar arthropods, such as spiders, beetles, cockroaches, ants, bees, millipedes, centipedes, crickets, grasshoppers, stick insects, scorpions, and mantids. Displays can focus on learning about insects, types of insects, their habitats, why they are important, and the work of entomologists, arachnologists, and other scientists that study terrestrial arthropods and similar animals.


Some insectariums may include museum displays of mounted insects and exhibits about insects.

A butterfly house is a type of insectarium that specializes in live butterflies and moths. In addition, there are seasonal butterfly gardens on display at many zoos, botanical gardens, nature centers, natural history museums, and science museums.

List of insectariums[edit]

Public insectariums or insect zoos include:

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