Insects vs Robots

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Insects vs Robots
Genres Folk
Psychedelic rock
Labels Nice and Friendly Records[1]
United Jams Foundation
Associated acts Black Face
Chuck Dukowski
Black Flag
Website Official website [1]
Members Milo Gonzalez
Micah Nelson
Jeff Smith
Nikita Sorokin
Tony Peluso
Past members Maggie Lally

Insects vs Robots is a five piece band from Venice, California They employ unusual instruments such as the violin, charango, harp, banjo, kazoo, harmonium, and sitar. They have gained a reputation for having a captivating live performance and diverse sound, created from a large blend of influences.[2]


The band released their eponymous album in 2013, Tales From The Blue House in 2011, Geryl & The Great Homunculus in 2010, and a self titled EP in 2009.[1][3]


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