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This article is about the company. For the newsletter, see The Inside Edge.
Inside Edge
Baseball statistics software and reports
Industry Baseball and Softball
Founded Minneapolis (1984 (1984))
Headquarters Minneapolis, MN, US
Key people
Randy Istre
Jay Donchetz

Inside Edge provides advance scouting services and tools to baseball teams and media. Inside Edge scouting reports were used extensively by six World Champions in a row: the 1996 New York Yankees, the 1997 Florida Marlins, 1998 Yankees, 1999 Yankees, 2000 Yankees, and the 2001 Arizona Diamondbacks.[1] The most recognizable element of the reports are the “HitZones,” which use colors to show a hitter’s strong and weak locations within the strike zone.[2]


Inside Edge was founded by Randy Istre and Jay Donchetz in 1984, as Computer Sportsware, when they began providing pitch charting and reporting software to college baseball coaches, and the U.S. Olympic baseball team. In 1993, the Milwaukee Brewers hired Inside Edge to be their advance scouting service.[2]

Currently, the Inside Edge pitch database contains over 5 million charted pitches, and is growing each day.

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