Inside Job (novella)

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"Inside Job"
Author Connie Willis
Country United States
Language English
Genre(s) Speculative fiction novella
Published in Asimov's Science Fiction
Publication type Periodical
Publisher Dell Magazines
Media type Print (Magazine), Online
Publication date January 2005
Inside Job
ConnieWillis InsideJob.jpg
Inside Job hardback cover
Author Connie Willis
Country United States
Language English
Genre Speculative fiction novella
Publisher Subterranean Press
Publication date
August 2005
Media type Print (hardback)
Pages 99 pp.
ISBN 978-1-59606-024-1
OCLC 61411431

Inside Job is a novella by Connie Willis, originally published in the January 2005 issue of Asimov's Science Fiction and later as a hardback by Subterranean Press. In the story, a debunker of pseudoscience encounters a fake medium who seems to be genuinely channelling the disruptive spirit of H. L. Mencken. It was the winner of the 2006 Hugo Award for Best Novella.[1]


Publishers Weekly in their review said that "while not as tightly woven as one of Willis's typical short stories nor as layered as her novels (Passage, etc.), this novella is still highly enjoyable, somewhat educational and will leave readers happy at the end."[2] Ray Olson in his review for Booklist said that "Willis, one of sf's most spirited writers, rounds on the New Age; pays tribute to a great, skeptical journalist; and affectionately parodies pulp fiction at its best (Fredric Brown, that would be) in this irresistible entertainment."[3] Jackie Cassady in her review for Library Journal said that "Willis grows even better in her short fiction, bringing to this novella both richness and integrity."[4]


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