Inside Looking Out (film)

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Inside Looking Out
Directed by Paul Cox
Produced by Bernard Eddy
Written by Paul Cox
Susan Holly Jones
Starring Briony Behets
Cinematography Paul Cox
Edited by Paul Cox
Illumination Films
Release date
24 November 1977
Running time
88 mins
Country Australia
Language English
Budget A$46,000[1]

Inside Looking Out is a 1977 Australian film directed by Paul Cox. It was his second feature film.


The marriage of Robert and Elizabeth is collapsing, both concentrating on their jobs (journalist, mother) rather than each other. The film looks at a week in their lives. Robert sleeps with their babysitter, Marianne, while Elizabeth talks with their friends, Juliet and Alex.



Cox wanted to make a film that was less autobiographical than his previous work, so brought in a co-writer, Susan Holly-Jones. Tony Llewellyn-Jones and Bernard Eddy also contributed to the shooting script.[2]

The movie was shot over three weeks on 35mm at the beginning of 1977 under the working title Two in the Family.[3] The Creative Development Branch of the Australian Film Commission invested $33,000 with the rest coming from private investment, including Cox and Llewellyn-Jones.[1][3]


The film screened at the Sydney and Melbourne Film Festivals in June 1977 before receiving a limited release.[1]


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