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Inside Magic is a USA online magazine edited and published by Tim Quinlan and aimed at magicians and people interested in magic as a performing art.

Inside Magic is one of the longer-running magic pages. The site moved from a monthly magic newsletter distributed through the postal system to a rudimentary magic blog in 2001.

The site is updated daily and provides news of interest to magicians but does not reveal magic secrets.

Quinlan writes, edits and programs the web site. He is the published author of Claudine The Circus Woman.

At first glance Inside Magic does not appear as professional or as heavily patronised as Magic Times but has the advantage of a quirky way of covering magic news and includes links to many magic websites. The writing style is often humorous and sarcastic.

Quinlan created a fictional magic family featuring "Li'l Tom Hardy - America's Foremost Psychic Entertainer". The site claims to be published in Mystic Hollow, Michigan but is actually based in Detroit.

The site includes interviews with professional magicians and creators. Whit Haydn, Arthur Trace, Murray Hatfield, and others have been featured in the question and answer format.

The magazine has made a point of objecting to the public disclosure of magic secrets and the practice of "knocking-off" magic inventors. Along with Walter "Zaney" Blaney and the husband and wife magic team of Tim Ellis and Sue-Anne Webster, Inside Magic regularly publishes the names of those who steal magic effects for sale at a price lower than that which the inventor can sell.

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