Inside Man: Most Wanted

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Inside Man: Most Wanted
Directed byM. J. Bassett
Produced byOgden Gavanski
Written byBrian Brightly
Edited byVanick Moradian
Distributed byUniversal Pictures Home Entertainment
Release date
  • 24 September 2019 (2019-09-24) (USA)
Running time
105 minutes
CountryUnited States

Inside Man: Most Wanted is an American crime thriller film directed by M. J. Bassett and starring Aml Ameen. A sequel to 2006 film Inside Man, it was released direct-to-video in the United States on September 24, 2019.[1]


Five years after the events of the previous film, a group of bank robbers led by Ariella Barash take over the New York Federal Reserve and take everyone in the Reserve building hostage. Their goal: To steal a large stash of Nazi gold stored inside the building. In response, a joint N.Y.P.D./F.B.I. task force led by Agent Brynn Stewart and NYPD negotiator Remy Darbonne is deployed to resolve the situation. While negotiating with Barash, Stewart and Darbonne separately learn of her motivations behind participating in the heist. Due to the blowback of Arthur Case being placed under house arrest from Dalton Russell’s heist, Arthur’s son, Dietrich, takes Dalton hostage, and forces Ariella to particpate in order to financially compensate Dietrich for his losses.

Unknown to Darbonne, Stewart, and the robbery crew, Ariella and her sister Ava engineer the robbery to make it look like a failure, leaving behind subtle clues for Stewart and Darbonne to pick up on in the aftermath. Ava left behind evidence to Darbonne showing a family photo revealing their biological relationship to Dalton; Ariella left Stewart a cell phone while guaranteeing an arrest for Dietrich and recovery of the stolen gold. During the course of the arrest, Dietrich is arrested by the F.B.I. and the gold is recovered. However, Dalton is presumably executed in Berlin on Dietrich’s orders.

During the aftermath of Dietrich’s arrest, Darbonne and Stewart speculate on the fates of Ariella, Ava, and Dalton. Darbonne states he believes Ariella is alive and that people will die if she realizes her brother is gone. Darbonne offers to explain his theory to Stewart, and she accepts on the condition they talk over coffee. Darbonne accepts, and they leave together in Stewart's car.

In a mid credits scene, a disguised Ariella is shown cocking a gun and entering a club in Germany. Gunfire is heard as the scene ends.



In November 2006, it was announced that a sequel to Inside Man was in development, with Russell Gewirtz reprising screenwriting duties. Under the working title Inside Man 2, the film would have Brian Grazer again serve as producer. Spike Lee was in negotiations to reprise his directing duties[2] while serving as an executive producer alongside returning member Daniel M. Rosenberg.[3] In 2008, Terry George was in negotiations to write the screenplay for the sequel;[4] he later replaced Gewirtz, whose screenplay was abandoned.[3] The plot for the sequel was intended to continue after the events of the first film, with Dalton Russell (played by Clive Owen) masterminding another robbery, and again matching wits with NYPD hostage negotiator Keith Frazier (Denzel Washington).[4] Lee confirmed that Washington, Owen, Jodie Foster and Chiwetel Ejiofor would all reprise their roles. He also expressed interest in filming Inside Man 2 during the fall of 2009.[3]

In 2011, it was announced that plans to make Inside Man 2 had been cancelled.[5] Lee confirmed this, expressing that he could not secure funding for the project. "Inside Man was my most successful film, but we can't get the sequel made," he said. "And one thing Hollywood does well is sequels. The film's not getting made. We tried many times. It's not going to happen."[6]

In November 2018, Aml Ameen was cast in the film.[7]


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