Inside the Whale and Other Essays

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Inside the Whale
First edition
AuthorGeorge Orwell
CountryUnited Kingdom
PublisherVictor Gollancz Ltd.
Publication date
11 March 1940
Preceded byComing Up for Air 
Followed byAnimal Farm 

Inside the Whale and Other Essays is a book of essays written by George Orwell in 1940. It includes the eponymous essay "Inside the Whale".


Inside the Whale was published by Victor Gollancz as a book of essays on 11 March 1940. Orwell refers to it as a "book" in part three of the essay. ("While I have been writing this book another European war has broken out."), as well as in letters he wrote to Geoffrey Gorer and Humphry House, an English scholar, the following month.[1] Gollancz initially printed 1,100 copies in March 1940, with some copies destroyed by Nazi bombing of England.


Later version[edit]

A collection of essays with the same title was published in 1962 in the UK by Penguin Books.[2] This edition was a reprint of an earlier collection entitled "Selected Essays" published in 1957. The collection contains the following essays:

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