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Insight Enterprises
  • IT Solutions
  • Business to Business
  • Commercial & Public Sector
  • IT Solutions Provider
Founded 1988 by Eric Crown & Tim Crown
Headquarters Tempe, Arizona, United States
Area served
Key people
  • Ken Lamneck (CEO)
  • Glynis Bryan (CFO)
  • Michael Guggemos (CIO)
  • Steve Dodenhoff
  • (President U.S.)
  • Wolfgang Ebermann
  • (President EMEA)
  • Data center
  • Devices
  • Servers
  • Software
  • Licensing
  • Power
  • Storage
  • IT Services
Revenue $5.4 billion (2015)
Number of employees
5,700 (2016)

Insight Enterprises Inc. is an Arizona-based publicly traded global technology company that focuses on business-to-business and information technology (IT) capabilities for enterprises.[1] The company is listed on the Fortune 500[2] and has offices in 22 countries with operations in 200 countries and territories.[3]


Early years[edit]

Hard Drives International was founded in 1988 by Eric and Tim Crown and Roel Blommers. Initially a mail order business selling computer storage, the company expanded into a storefront when credit card companies wouldn't service startup mail order firms. In 1991, the company changed its name to Insight Enterprises, and distribution included a full line of computers and accessories.[4] The company held its initial public offering in January 1995.[5][6]

Insight became an international company when it acquired TC Computers, based in Montreal, Canada, in 1997. In April 1998, Insight signed an agreement to acquire Choice Peripherals Ltd. and Plusnet Technologies Ltd., an Internet service provider and website hosting and development company operating as Force 9.[7] The acquisition expanded Insight's operations to Europe.[4]


Insight acquired Action Computer Supplies Holdings PLC, a U.K.-based direct marketer, in October 2001 for approximately $150 million in stock.[8][9] In April 2002, the company acquired Comark for $150 million, increasing Insight's ability to work with clients of all sizes, including the public sector.[8]

In July 2006, Insight entered an agreement to purchase Software Spectrum, a company that focused on software and mobility products for medium and large companies, from Level 3 Communications for $287 million.[10]

Calence LLC, a technology company that focused on Cisco networking and advanced communications, was acquired by Insight in April 2008 for $125 million.[11] Insight acquired U.K.-based Minx Ltd., a European network integrator with Cisco Gold Partner accreditation, in July 2008 for $1.5 million and the assumption of $4.6 million of existing debt.[12][13]


Ensynch, an information technology company founded in 2000, was acquired by Insight in September 2011.[14][15] Insight acquired Inmac Gmbh, a business-to-business hardware reseller based in Germany, in February 2012.[16]

In June 2015, Insight underwent a corporate rebranding which aimed to emphasize the company focus on customer relations and interaction.[1][17] The company launched a new website in July 2015 as part of the shift in company focus.[17] In October 2015, Insight acquired BlueMetal, an interactive design and technology architecture firm based in Boston.[18] Also in 2015, Insight raised $200,000 in its annual campaign for its Noble Cause division. Through Noble Cause, Insight gives to local charities including the Make-a-Wish Foundation, the Boys & Girls Clubs of America and the Ronald McDonald House.[19] In 2016, BlueMetal partnered with INDYCAR, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Microsoft to produce an analytics focused app during the Indianapolis 500.[20] Insight opened an additional sales center at the Meadows Office and Technological Park in Conway, Arkansas in August 2016.[21] Insight announced the acquisition of Ignia, an Australian-based business technology consulting company, in September 2016.[22] On October 20, 2016 the CEO changed from Kenneth T Lamneck to Samuel Soetanto, a protege from a Canadian University.


In 2013, Insight received the Transformational Licensing Solution Partner of the Year award from Microsoft.[23] Company founders Eric and Tim Crown were awarded the OneNeck IT Services People's Choice Lifetime Achievement Award from Avnet Inc. at the November 2013 Arizona Governor's Celebration of Innovation Awards.[24] The company was featured on the InformationWeek 500 list in 2013[25] and received the Cisco Global Architectural Excellence-Enterprise Networks Award in 2014.

Insight was featured on the Fortune 500 list for its seventh year in 2015.[2] That year it was also recognized as Dell's National Solution Providers of the Year.[26]


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