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Insight Guides, founded by Hans Johannes Hofer, is a travel company based in London with offices in New York, Hong Kong, Singapore and Warsaw. They sell customized travel packages, as well as travel guides for both commerce (b2b) and end customers purposes B2C). They also produce maps, globes and travel gadgets for both experienced and new travelers.

Insight Guides combines full-colour photography with essays written by local experts. [1][2][3] Giving readers reliable, practical information was the driving force behind the concept, but Insight Guides also puts a historical and cultural spin on their content.

Hofer's first book, published in 1970, was based on the island of Bali, and was funded by a local hotel. From there, he grew his business, creating over 400 guide books to over 100 destinations. In the late 1990s, he sold his share of the company to Langenscheidt KG.

In 2014, Insight Guides was acquired by the Swiss company Apa Publications UK Ltd. The company launched a dazzling new site [4] in September 2015 that focuses on selling customized travel packages prepared by local experts. They also frequently publish travel-related articles and news on their blog.


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