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Insights West is a full service Canadian market research and polling company. It was established in 2012 by Steve Mossop to provide services to private and public sector clients across Western Canada.

Insights West's headquarters are in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and the company also has an office in Calgary. Insights West specializes in public opinion polls and consumer research. The company also ran Your Insights, an online panel created to conduct surveys with representative samples of residents of British Columbia and Alberta, and the Your Insights Multicultural Panel, focusing on the opinions and perspectives of the Chinese and South Asian populations in Metro Vancouver.

In October 2015, Insights West announced the acquisition of focus group facility SmartPoint Research, located in the Yaletown area of Vancouver, which was renamed "Vancouver Insights Centre".

From June 2013 to April 2018, Insights West's electoral forecasting program issued 23 correct predictions of democratic processes in Canada and the United States, including the only forecast of the 2015 Metro Vancouver Transportation and Transit Plebiscite issued within the guidelines set by Elections BC, the 2015 Alberta provincial election, the 2016 United States presidential election and the 2017 British Columbia provincial election.

In May 2018, Angus Reid, Chairman of the non-profit Angus Reid Institute, announced the acquisition of the "Your Insights" Panel, and rebranded it as the Angus Reid Forum.

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