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Inskip Point is shown on Topo map sheet of Fraser Island, just south of Hook Point

Inskip Point is a peninsula to the north of the town of Rainbow Beach in south-east Queensland, Australia.

It lies between Tin Can Bay to the South West and Great Sandy Strait to the North and curves back towards Rainbow Beach and the Coral Sea to the East.

The southern tip of Fraser Island, Hook Point lies some 1,200 meters north of Inskip Point, the northern tip of the peninsula. Two ferry services run between Inskip Point and Hook Point during daylight hours.

The black-breasted buttonquail, a restricted-range endemic buttonquail, was once found in sand-dunes on the peninsula. Its current numbers are now assumed to be one.[1] Mike West, former president of Birds Queensland, blames dingoes and wild dogs for hunting the population to extinction.[1] West suggests trapping dingoes and wild dogs, setting them free if they are pure dingoes and killing them if they are not.[2]

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Coordinates: 25°51′11″S 153°03′54″E / 25.853°S 153.065°E / -25.853; 153.065