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Genres Rap metal, rap rock, Reggae Rock
Years active 1995-present
Maverick Records
Warner Bros. Records
Powerslave Records
Members Willis "Mecha" Rosenthal
Joey Ruiz
Alonso Hernandez
Sean Boyles
Chris "Ichy" Larson
Past members Mark Herman
Armando Cardenas
Ron Tanaguchi
Jerry M. Delalo
Clint Westwood
Kevin Higuchi
Paul Perry
Michael Rowan

Insolence is a band which was formed in San Jose, California, 1995. They blend rap, reggae, metal and hardcore into their music.[1]

The band has toured with many American rock and metal bands including Cypress Hill, Pepper, Papa Roach, Slightly Stoopid, Hed PE, Skindred and others.

The band has released two major-label records, Revolution on Maverick Records and Stand Strong on Warner Bros. Records. Later the albums Audio War and Project Konflict were released by Powerslave Records.

In 2017 the band released "Product EP" with two subsequent tours of Asia.

Currently two versions of Insolence exist. One featuring Original singer Mecha as well as original guitar player Joey Ruiz. Original drummer Armando Cardenas, who has since left the group, created his own version featuring his son on Vocals with the release of "Rise of the Fallen" and "Transition EP" also under the name Insolence.

Current members[edit]

  • Willis "Mecha" Rosenthal - Vocals
  • Joey Ruiz - Guitars
  • Alonso Hernandez - Bass
  • Sean Boyles - Drums
  • Chris "Ichy" Larson - Turntables/Samples

Former members[edit]

  • Mark Herman - Vocals
  • Jerry M. Delalo - turntables/samples
  • Paul Perry - bass
  • Michael J. Rowan - guitars
  • Kevin "The Guch" Higuchi - Drums
  • Clint Westwood - Bass
  • Armando Cardenas - Drums
  • Ron Tanaguchi - Guitar


Vicious Circle (1995)
Within (1997)
Universal (1998)
Poisonous Philosophy (2000)
Revolution (2001)
Stand Strong(2003)
2003 EP (2003)
Audio War(2007)
Uprising EP(2008)
Beats Not Bombs EP(2009)
Project Konflict(2010)
Product EP(2017)

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