Insomnia (Feeder song)

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Insomnia Feeder.jpg
Single by Feeder
from the album Yesterday Went Too Soon
Format CD
Recorded 1998
Genre Alternative rock, post-grunge
Length 2:52
Label Echo
Writer(s) Grant Nicholas
Producer(s) Grant Nicholas, Feeder
Feeder singles chronology
"Day In Day Out"
"Yesterday Went Too Soon"

"Insomnia" is a song by Feeder, released as the second single from their album Yesterday Went Too Soon. It reached #22 in the UK charts and was at the time Feeder's fourth consecutive single to reach the Top 40.

When the single charted in the UK, it was their biggest hit at the time and got them on the popular now defunct UK music show "Top Of The Pops".[1] From there the band's awareness increased and the follow-up single "Yesterday Went Too Soon" cracked the top 20 and helped the album of the same name go top 10. The song referred to the band's experiences during their 1998 US tour in which Grant found it very hard to sleep at night, and so tried many methods such as drinking alcohol, taking Night Nurse in pills and other medications.

It also seen their only performance on TFI Friday, also a now defunct TV show.


Michael Gallucci of Allmusic called "Insomnia" a "fine moment."[2]

Media usage[edit]

In the 2000 Channel 4 TV series Lock, Stock..., which was a spin-off of the film Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, "Insomnia" was heard playing at high volume from a gang members ghetto blaster during one of the episodes. It also features on the soundtrack album of the series.[3]


The music video for Insomnia features Grant Nicholas, Taka Hirose, and late drummer Jon Lee performing in a hotel room and other various places including the band on a train and places around New York City.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Insomnia" - 2:52
  2. "Space Age Hero" - 3:46
  3. "Living In Polaroid" - 3:39
  1. "Insomnia" - 2:52
  2. "Divebomb" - 1:25
  3. "Fly" - 3:41
  1. "Insomnia"
  2. "Cement" (Live)
  3. "High" (Live)


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