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L'Insoumise, Montreal's anarchist infoshop/bookstore

Insoumise (French: Librairie l'Insoumise) is an anarchist bookstore and infoshop in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


From the late 1970s on, Alternative bookshop moved to and rented space at this location. The non-profit association (known by the acronym "AEELI") that presently owns the Insoumise bookstore was formed in 1982, and bought the building a year later, thus ensuring that a bookstore could continue without paying high downtown rents.

The bookstore's French name l'Insoumise means "The Insubordinate", a derogatory moniker given to Louise Michel by the powers that be; she was a French anarchist and participant in the Paris Commune.


Insoumise is located downtown on Saint Laurent Boulevard. It opened in November 2004,[1] several months after the closing of the Alternative bookshop.[2][3] The bookstore specializes primarily in French and English-language literature on anarchism, ecology, green anarchism, primitivism, labour, anti-repression, native studies, anthropology, history, economics, anarchist fiction, feminism, queer/LGBT, art and fiction, from perspectives relevant to anarchism.

The bookstore is self-managed by a bookstore committee (the comité libraire) mandated by the non-profit organisation.[4] It is open to individual anarchists or anarchist distribution projects, through their delegates. Since 2004, the great majority of Montreal's anarchist distributors, writers or publishing projects have become active members, or leave their material on consignment.

In the same building as the bookstore, there is a lending library and reading room, the DIRA, which stands for Documentations, Information, Références et Archives.


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