Inspector Pink Dragon

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Inspector Pink Dragon
MandarinShén Tàn Mǎ Rú Lóng
CantoneseSan4 Taam3 Maa2 Jyu4 Lung4
Directed byGordon Chan
Produced byLawrence Cheng
Chua Lam
Written byJohn Chan
StarringLawrence Cheng
Rosamund Kwan
Waise Lee
Damian Lau
Nina Li Chi
Vindy Chan
Tony Leung Ka-fai
Lily Lee
Kenneth Tsang
Music byLam Miu-uak
Blue Max Productions
CinematographyCheng Siu-Keung
Edited byChan Kei-hop
Distributed byGolden Harvest
Release date
  • 7 November 1991 (1991-11-07)
Running time
94 minutes
CountryHong Kong
Box officeHK$8,179,321

Inspector Pink Dragon is a 1991 Hong Kong action-crime-comedy film produced by and starring Lawrence Cheng and directed by Gordon Chan. The film is also one of the earliest Hong Kong productions shot in sync sound.


Inspector Ma Yue-lung (Lawrence Cheng) bumps into his ex-classmate and longtime lover, Julia (Rosamund Kwan), while catching a thief. They both later go to an alumni reunion and see another ex-classmate, Ma Yau-yau (Tony Leung Ka-fai), who is now Julia's superior. When Yau returns home, he is murdered by Peter (Peter Lai). Heavy Crime Bureau chief Pau Yu Chat (Kenneth Tsang) sends Lung to go undercover to take Yau's job. After Lung goes undercover, he rises in rank and his paychecks increase. Julia also begins to develop feelings for Lung. Lung's girlfriend, Ching (Nina Li Chi), suspects that something is wrong with Lung. Later, Julia brings Lung to meet a land developer, Tang Kwok-kiu (Damian Lau). During that time, another murder case comes up. Lung later finds out that Tang is the mastermind behind this, but he, Julia and Ching has become Tang's chests. Another inspector, Shek Chun (Waise Lee), then gathers evidence and is determined to bring Tang to justice.


Cast Role
Lawrence Cheng Inspector Ma Yue-lung (Pink Dragon)
Rosamund Kwan Julia
Waise Lee Inspector Shek Chun
Damian Lau Tang Kwok-kiu
Nina Li Chi Ching
Vindy Chan Ma Yue-fung
Tony Leung Ka-fai Ma Yau-yau (guest star)
Lily Lee CID, Shek's assistant
Kenneth Tsang Chief Inspector Pau Yu-chat
Kingdom Yuen Emmanuelle
Lawrence Lau Fatty Lan
Fruit Chan Popsicle seller
Peter Lai Peter
Suki Kwan Ma Yau-yau's wife
Dion Lam Guard at Tang's mansion
Chung Wing Tang's thug
Teddy Chan CID
Allan Fung KC Fung
Angela Fong Yu Tai No
Brenda Lo Fatty Grandma
Shirley Lau
Chan Wing-chiu Hi-Fi Teacher
Simon Leung
Kent Chow
Paul Cheng CID
Lau Yin-tak


  • The Chinese name of Lawrence Cheng's character (馬如龍) is the same name of Jackie Chan's character in Project A. Chan's character also has an English name, Dragon Ma, while Cheng's does not.
  • The Chinese name of Tony Leung Ka-fai's character (馬友友) is also the Chinese name of famed celloist Yo-Yo Ma.

Box office[edit]

The film grossed HK$8,179,321 at the Hong Kong box office.

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