Inspiration (1915 film)

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Inspiration (1915) Audrey Munson and Thomas A Curran.jpg
Audrey Munson in Inspiration
Directed by George Foster Platt
Produced by Edwin Thanhouser
Written by Virginia Tyler Hudson (scenario)
Starring Audrey Munson
Thomas A. Curran
Cinematography Lawrence E. Williams
Thanhouser Film Corporation
Distributed by Mutual Film Corporation
Release dates
November 18, 1915 (US)
April 21, 1918 (US re-release)
Country United States
Language Silent (English intertitles)

Inspiration is a 1915 American silent drama film written by Virginia Tyler Hudson and directed by George Foster Platt and starring Audrey Munson. It is notable for being the first non-pornographic American film to feature full nudity of a woman. On reissue in 1918, the film was called The Perfect Model. All copies of the movie are believed to have been lost.[1]


A young sculptor searches for the perfect model to inspire his work. He finds a poverty-stricken girl who he thinks is the one he has been looking for. When she wanders off, he visits all the famous statues in Manhattan hoping to find her again.


  • Audrey Munson as The Model
  • Thomas A. Curran as The Artist
  • George Marlo as The Artist's Friend
  • Bert Delaney as The Artist's Friend
  • Carey L. Hastings - Undetermined Role
  • Ethyle Cooke - Undetermined Role
  • Louise Emerald Bates - Undetermined Role


Audrey Munson (center) as the artist's model in the film, with sculptor Daniel Chester French (at left).

The censors were reluctant to ban the film, fearing they would also have to ban Renaissance art. The film was a box office success, though the reviews were very polarized.

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