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Studio album by Lea Salonga
Released February 19, 2007
Genre OPM
Label Sony BMG Records (Pilipinas)
Lea Salonga chronology
The Ultimate OPM Collection Inspired

Inspired is a collection of Lea Salonga's personal favorites, including "To Hear You Say You Love Me" (Jim Brickman), "Do You Hear It" (Lani Macaraeg), "Who Are You" (Bill Cantos), and her official wedding song, "Two Words" (Louie Ocampo).

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Who Are You"
  2. "To Hear You Say You Love Me"
  3. "Two Words"
  4. "Sing "
  5. "Waiting For Love"
  6. "My Foolish Heart"
  7. "Do You Hear It"
  8. "Brian's Song"
  9. "When The Winter's Gone"
  10. "When October Goes"
  11. "Land of the Loving"
  12. "Promise Me"