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Developer(s) Flexera Software LLC
Initial release 2000; 17 years ago (2000)
Stable release
InstallAnywhere 2017 (v 18.0.0) / November 2, 2016; 8 months ago (2016-11-02)
Development status Active
Written in Java, C++, XCode, Shell Scripts[citation needed]
Operating system
Platform Java SE
Available in English
Type Installer
License Trialware

InstallAnywhere is a Java-based software tool for creating installers or software packages, for multiple platforms. It can also be used to create Virtual Appliances for Linux platforms using an existing installers or software packages. InstallAnywhere was originally made by Zero G Software until it was acquired by Macrovision in mid-June 2005.[1] With Macrovision's sale of their software group InstallAnywhere is now owned and supported by Acresso Software. There are two editions of the software, Premier and Professional.[2] With InstallAnywhere 2012 release onward, there is an additional Cloud Pack available for creating Virtual Appliances.

In October 2009 Acresso Software announced its name change to Flexera Software.[3]


InstallAnywhere's main competitor was InstallShield MP (MultiPlatform). However, as Macrovision acquired both InstallShield and InstallAnywhere, it stopped the development of InstallShield MP and encouraged its users to migrate to InstallAnywhere 8. Similarly, there was an InstallAnywhere version that competed with InstallShield, called InstallAnywhere.NET (Windows only) based on a product acquisition from ActiveInstall. Again, Macrovision announced its EOL right after the Zero G acquisition, and encouraged InstallAnywhere.NET users to migrate to InstallShield.

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