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Poster : 2011 Install Party des Savoie

Install Party des Savoie is a kind of installfest, a social event that aims to popularize Linux operating system and Libre software.

During a day, people from Pays de Savoie, which is both Savoie and Haute-Savoie departements, is welcomed to get familiar with a new desktop environment, Linux, renowned for its ability to be reliable and virus-free.[1][2]

Thus, local public has many ways to discover the concept of free software:[3]

  • via an exhibition as an introduction to free software;[4]
  • via documentation: books, magazines, leaflets, etc.;[5]
  • and for utmost curious people, via Linux a free and open-source operating system that can be installed on their PC on that day, provided that they bring their own PC.

Traditionally, Install Party des Savoie takes place in May in various cities among Pays de Savoie, as for instance Annecy and Chambery in the 2010 edition.[6]

2011 Alpinux logo

Local non-profit societies such as AGU3L, Alpinux or Marmottux take an active part in the organisation of this specific installfest.[7][8]

2011 Install Party des Savoie took place on May 21 in Chambery's Jean-Jacques Rousseau Media Librairy, where LUGs from Savoie gathered all together.[9] Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE) system was adopted and presented to the public as a Live DVD or to be installed on their computers. For the first time in France an attempt of visioconferencing was made between two different installfeists via videoconferencing tools such as Ekiga or XMPP protocol.[10]

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