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Initial release2015
Stable release
Operating systemAndroid, iOS
Available inEnglish, Japanese

Instant is a Quantified Self mobile app[2] for iOS[3] and Android. It tracks[4][5] the user's phone/app usage, travel, places, fitness and sleep automatically. It puts all this information on a dashboard and gives the user analysed reports based on the data. It is developed by Emberify, founded by Shashwat Pradhan. Instant 4.0 was launched on 13 July 2016 with a Chatbot Coach.[6] The Coach allows users to query data and it also passively analyses the user's trends and correlations.


Instant automatically tracks[7] phone/app usage, fitness, travel, sleep and places. It provides daily and weekly reports based on the user's tracked data. All the data stays only[8] on the user's smartphone. It is meant to track habits, especially used by Quantified Self and lifelogging enthusiasts.[9]

Instant is a passive journaling app, that automatically journals the user's life with data from the smartphone and sensors.[10] For health and fitness data it can also sync with Google Fit and Apple Health.[11]

Instant also can connect to the user's Apple Watch and Android Wear smartwatch.[12]

Trackable activities[edit]

As of May 2016, Instant tracks the following activities:[8][9][13]

  • Phone usage time
  • App usage time (Android only)[14]
  • Sleep
  • Time spent at places
  • Fitness
  • Travel time


Instant won the Grand Prize of the Google Fit Developer Challenge in April 2015.[15][16][17] It also won the Best App Ever Awards 2015 in the Productivity Category.[18]

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