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Instant Karma is an independent record label created by former Warner Music Group chairman and head of the BPI, Rob Dickins, in 1999.[1] The label was founded by Dickins after his resignation from Warner Music, where he gained fame for his track record of signing female vocalists such as Enya and The Corrs.[2] Instant Karma's first release was Helicopter Girl's How to Steal the World album in June 2000;[3][4] the label received attention for the fact that its very first release was short-listed for the Mercury Prize.[5] Helicopter Girl signed with Instant Karma on the condition that she be permitted not to tour.[6][7]

Dickins noted that he was pleased to have How to Steal the World as the label's "calling card", but that he planned other releases to have more immediate commercial appeal.[8]

The label was funded by Sony Music UK. British DJ K-Gee's first solo single and album were released on Instant Karma in October 2000 and October 2002, respectively.[9]


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