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Instant WebKiosk
DeveloperMarco Buratto, Binary Emotions
OS familyUnix-like
Latest releaseInstant WebKiosk 16.0
April 5, 2017; 2 years ago (2017-04-05)
LicenseLinux: GNU GPL
Debian: Various

Instant WebKiosk was an operating system based on Debian GNU/Linux. It was designed for use in web kiosks and digital signage. As of 2017-12, Binary Emotions is completely focused on Raspberry Pi operating systems.


Instant WebKiosk, is a live operating system for PCs and Macs designed for web kiosks. The browser (defaults to Google Chromium) is locked in full-screen mode. Users may change settings but after a reset (typically at end of session) the operating system defaults to the originally defined values. The operating system is designed to boot from USB flash devices, but may optionally be installed to a hard drive. Network access is via wired or wireless networks. All system configuration is done via a web interface.

Derived operating systems[edit]

Raspberry WebKiosk[1] is a port of Instant WebKiosk for the Raspberry Pi; it is designed for web kiosks.

Raspberry Digital Signage[2] and Raspberry Slideshow[3][4] are Raspberry Pi operating systems designed for digital signage purposes, which also originated from the Instant WebKiosk code base.

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