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Instant breakfast typically refers to breakfast food products that are manufactured in a powdered form, which are generally prepared with the addition of milk and then consumed as a beverage.[1][2] Some instant breakfasts are produced and marketed in liquid form, being pre-mixed. The target market for instant breakfast products includes consumers who tend to be busy, such as students and working adults.[2]


Powdered instant breakfast has been described as a breakfast substitute, used as a quick meal replacement in place of traditional quickly prepared breakfast foods[2] such as bacon and eggs,[1][2] oatmeal and pancakes.


Carnation-brand Instant Breakfast was introduced in 1964.[3] It is a powdered instant beverage that is manufactured with protein, vitamins and minerals and sugar.[2] It's typically prepared with milk,[2] and is available in different flavors, such as chocolate.[4] Powdered forms are marketed in individual-serving packets and in cans. Carnation also manufactures prepared bottled instant breakfast drinks in liquid form.

Frozen instant breakfasts[edit]

A fast food meal at a McDonald's restaurant in Hong Kong that includes instant noodles

Another type of instant breakfasts are frozen ready-made meals that are heated in a microwave oven or standard oven.

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