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Instigator Regni (lat.), Instygator Koronny (pol.) – Lord Prosecutor of the Crown, highest central non-senatorial dignitary in Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, created in 1557.

It was a court office, dignity and title granted for life by the King, and in His name the Instigators were to prosecute crimes committed against the State as well as offences against the King and were authorized to prosecute any noble dignitary save the King. They had advisory voice in asessory courts and decisive voice in referendary courts. After 1764 they controlled trasury committees. There was one Instigator for the Crown and one for Grand Duchy of Lithuania until 1775, when four new Instigator offices were introduced by promoting to that honour their two assistants. Annual salary of Instigator Regni was 6 thousand Polish złoty of those times.