Institut Suisse des Sciences Noétiques

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Institut suisse
des sciences noétiques
AbbreviationISSNOE — Noêsis
Formation1999; 21 years ago (1999)
Legal statusNon-profit organisation
PurposeScientific investigations on ASCNDEESPOBE
Region served
Dr Louis Nahum
Dr Claudia Mazzocato
Dr Claude Charles Fourrier
Dr Sylvie Dethiollaz, Sc.D.
Main organ
ISSNOE Council

The Institut Suisse des Sciences Noétiques (Swiss Institute of Noetic Sciences) or ISSNOE is a non profit foundation of public utility dedicated to the scientific and comparative study of non-ordinary altered states of consciousness (ASC) as well as to the analytical decoding of near-death experiences (NDE), extrasensory perceptions (ESP) and out-of-body experiences (OBE).



Dr Sylvie Dethiollaz, Sc.D., president of the Institut Suisse des Sciences Noétiques – ISSNOE
Frédéric Lenoir [fr]—philosopher, sociologist and religion historian—wrote a preface to one of the books that report on the scientific work carried out by Institut Suisse des Sciences Noétiques — ISSNOE — Noêsis.

The early stages of the original structure were born from the merger between the Noêsis[H 1] association—which was created in 1999 by Sylvie Dethiollaz, PhD in molecular biology[1]—and the fondation Odier de psycho-physique (Odier Foundation of Psychophysics) which was promoted in 1992 by Marcel & Monique Odier[R 1] and whose dedicated team included, among its distinguished members, some eminent figures such as biologist Rémy Chauvin and physicist Olivier Costa de Beauregard.[2][3][4][5]

Guiding principles[edit]

The foundation is dedicated to:

The result of this work is summarized within two books:


Dr Jean-Jacques Charbonier [fr]anesthesiologist and intensive care physician, founder of TCH—is a regular guest speaker at ISSNOE headquarters where he gives training seminars and workshops in “hypnothic transcommunication” (TCH).
Bernard Werber gives writing workshops at ISSNOE foundation.

ISSNOE also targets its activity on specific lectures and workshops given by researchers, philosophers, physicists, psychologists and prodromatic doctors whose integrative approaches focus on theme of mourning in a holistic perspective that makes possible to sketch the beginnings of a possible “survival of the soul”[H 2] or even a potential form of perpetuation of consciousness beyond its sole carnal substrate.[H 2]

Among other speakers are the following figures:


  • Sylvie Déthiollaz; Claude Charles Fourrier (2017) [May 2011]. États modifiés de conscience — NDE, OBE et autres expériences aux frontières de l'esprit : témoignages, recherches, réflexions et perspectives [Altered states of consciousness—NDE, OBE and other experiences at the frontiers of the mind: testimonies, research, reflections and perspectives] (in French) (4th ed.). Lausanne, Paris: éditions Favre. ISBN 978-2828911232. OCLC 993880968., BNF 42468713w OCLC 755981709, 718689535, 358 p., réimpression en 2013 OCLC 992960688 EAN 978-2828911232
  • Emmanuel Ransford; Olivier Chambon; Tom Atham (2017). L'homme quantique : vers une nouvelle compréhension de nos potentiels de guérison (in French). With a preface by Sylvie Dethiollaz. Le Grand Livre du mois, éditions Trédaniel. ISBN 978-2813216656. OCLC 1030614494., 192 p. EAN 9782813216656 BNF 45383433 BNF 45360858f
  • Sylvie Dethiollaz, Claude Charles Fourrier, avec la collaboration de Julie Klotz (2018) [2016]. Voyage aux confins de la conscience : dix années d'exploration scientifique des sorties hors du corps. Le cas Nicolas Fraisse [A journey to the limits of consciousness: ten years of scientific exploration of out-of-body experiences. The Nicolas Fraisse case] (in French). With a preface by Frédéric Lenoir [fr]. Paris: éditions Trédaniel & France Loisirs. ISBN 978-2-298-14359-1. OCLC 1078372759.CS1 maint: multiple names: authors list (link), BNF 456081650 OCLC 1078372759, EAN 9782298143591 235 p., réimpression en 2017, OCLC 1009000244


Television broadcasts[edit]

March 25, 2017: French TV channel C8 broadcasts an interview between Thierry Ardisson and Sylvie Dethiollaz confronted with her ISSNOE “experimenter”—Nicolas Fraisse—as part of the weekly talk-show entitled Salut les terriens ! [fr].[V 3]

Radio broadcasts[edit]


Joseph Banks Rhine: pioneer in the field of statistical protocols devoted to the study of extra-sensory perceptions and psychokinesis, author of the book entitled Extrasensory Perception.
Jacques Neirynck is the author of a scientific book entitled Your Brain and Your Self whose 9th chapter deals with altered states of consciousness (ASP).

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