Institut d'Administration des Entreprises

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IAE - University Schools of Management
Institut d'Administration des entreprises
Logo IAE FRANCE international.jpg
Motto Everywhere in France, there is an IAE to suit your needs of training and research in management
Type University Schools of Management
Established 1955 (1955)
Academic staff
1,200 lecturers and 6,600 professionals
Students 45,000 students
Location 32 Cities, France
Founder Gaston Berger  France

The French IAE are part of the French universities, except for the IAE of Paris which has a special status. They are academically selective, socially inclusive and very affordable Graduate School of Management within the French Public Research Universities. The IAE model is inspired by the Anglo-Saxon Business Schools.

There are currently 34 IAEs located all over the French territory, 32 of which are part of the IAE FRANCE network where the oldest members are the first actors in the development of management in France. This is the primary French network of education in management which has around 45,000 students and 425,000 alumni.

IAE's History[edit]

Old IAE logo

The origin of IAE dates back to the 1950s. At the time, degrees in management were not available in French universities. In the United States, by contrast, economic growth is powered by batches of engineers and managers from the best business schools attached to universities. In the midst of reconstruction, France have a lack of managers while the Thirty Glorious begin.

In 1955, Gaston Berger, Director of Higher Education, Ministry of Education, created the Institute of Business Administration (IAE) in American style, to provide academic knowledge in management that complements the professional know-how and gather University and Business world. In the beginning, IAE were schools with a single diploma, “CAAE” - Certificate in Business Administration with a pioneering position on the "dual skills". This degree was designed to give management skills to engineers and graduate students of the faculties of Law, Letters and Sciences. Recognized degree, designed to be followed on a year, during the evening, is a “MBA à la française”. The teaching is based on the case method, innovative approach at the time. It has been for nearly 20 years, the common degree of most IAE in becoming “DESS CAAE” and continues today through the “MAE” (Master of Business Administration).


Most of the IAE have a status of « institutes and schools belonging to Universities », just like the University Institutes of Technology as an example. Some are part of Faculties such as Faculty of Economics and Management.

The IAE Paris is the only independent IAE, it's a public establishment of an administrative nature linked to the Pantheon-Sorbonne University.

The EM Strasbourg Business School is the result of the merger between the IAE of Strasbourg and the local business school, It's part of the University of Strasbourg[1] · [2] · [3] · .[4]

The Réseau is related to 32 Laboratory of research including 10 Joint Research Units associated with the CNRS.

Admission in IAE[edit]

The admission in IAE require the test of the Score IAE-MESSAGE,[5] an application file and an admission interview. Some IAE as among others Paris, Grenoble, Lille and Aix can also ask for the results of other tests such as the TAGE-MAGE,[6] the GMATT,[7] the GRE,[8] the TOEIC[9] and the TOEFL.[10]

An alternative to private Business Schools[edit]

According to the Hetzel report,[11] IAE show the best results of all universities in professionalization. Degrees of IAE are internationally recognized by the LMD (Bachelor, Master and PhD,) reform and its MBAs.

In 2012, Olivier Rollot, in Le Monde stressed the excellence of such Public Graduate School of Management being a real alternative to private Business Schools[12]

Monday, 28 January 2013, the French channel France 2 did a report about the Business Schools which had been pointed out by the Court of Auditor and talked of the IAE as an alternative to Business Schools, providing the same quality of education for a very lower cost. Emmanuel Davidenkoff, chief editor of l'Etudiant (media specialized in Education) conclude this reporting saying that "Between a good business school and a good IAE, there is about the thickness of a sheet of waxed paper.".[13]

List of IAE in France[edit]

Name University linked to official website Accreditation(s)
IAE Aix-en-Provence Aix-Marseille University EQUIS, AMBA
IAE Amiens Université de Picardie Qualicert
IAE Besançon Université de Franche-Comté
IAE Bordeaux Université de Bordeaux Qualicert
IAE Brest Université de Bretagne occidentale Qualicert
IAE Caen Université de Caen Basse-Normandie Qualicert
EUM Clermont Université d'Auvergne Qualicert
IAE Corse University of Corsica Pascal Paoli
IAE Dijon Université de Bourgogne Qualicert
IAE Grenoble Pierre Mendès-France University Qualicert
IAE Gustave Eiffel UPEC-UPEM Qualicert
IAE Réunion Université de la Réunion Qualicert
IAE Limoges Université de Limoges
IAE Lille Université Lille I Qualicert
IAE Lyon Jean Moulin University Lyon 3 EPAS
IAE Metz Université Paul-Verlaine Qualicert
IAE Montpellier Université Montpellier 2 Qualicert, EPAS
IAE Nancy Université Nancy-II Qualicert
IAE Nantes Université de Nantes Qualicert
IAE Nice Université de Nice Sophia-Antipolis Qualicert
IAE Orléans Université d'Orléans Qualicert
IAE Paris Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne Qualicert
IAE Pau Université de Pau et des Pays de l'Adour Qualicert
IAE Perpignan Université de Perpignan
IAE Poitiers Université de Poitiers Qualicert
IAE Rennes Université de Rennes I Qualicert
IAE Rouen Université de Rouen
IAE Savoie Mont-Blanc Université de Savoie
IAE Saint-Étienne Université de Saint-Étienne
EM Strasbourg Université de Strasbourg Qualicert, EPAS, AACSB[14]
IAE Toulon Université de Toulon
IAE Toulouse Université Toulouse I Qualicert, EPAS
IAE Tours Université François Rabelais Qualicert
IAE Valenciennes Université de Valenciennes Qualicert


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