Institut national des sciences appliquées de Rennes

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INSA Rennes (National Institute for Applied Sciences)
PresidentM’hamed Drissi
48°07′17″N 1°38′05″W / 48.121389°N 1.634722°W / 48.121389; -1.634722
Institut national des sciences appliquées de Rennes is located in Rennes
Institut national des sciences appliquées de Rennes

The Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Rennes or INSA de Rennes is a Grande École d'Ingénieurs, a School of Engineering, under the authority of the French Ministry of Education and Research and part of the INSA's group.

INSA Rennes was founded in 1966 to train highly qualified engineers, support continuing education, and conduct research and testing. The five-year curriculum aims at training engineers who possess humane qualities and are well versed in the primary areas of science and engineering. The school accommodates 1,400 students in engineering.

The education is divided into two parts:

  • the first cycle, which is a highly selective part of the studies and which aims at giving the basis for future engineering studies,
  • the second cycle, for which the students have the choice of 7 specialties. The future engineer chooses here a specialisation, and have then the possibility to pursue a PhD.

Some special sections are available:

  • Sports-with-studies combining a good level of education in sport and science,
  • Music-with-Studies
  • Theatre-with-Studies
  • Art-with-studies

The university is located on a campus called Beaulieu in the east of Rennes.

First cycle[edit]

Entrance building of the school

The five year academic curriculum starts with a foundation course (preparatory cycle) where students focus on fundamental sciences (maths, physics, chemistry, mechanics and computer sciences) and then progressively concentrate on specialized areas in science and technology. This generalist preparatory cycle ensures that all INSA engineers acquire a solid background in terms of skills and competence, thus allowing them to reorient their career independently of their initial specialization. The first cycle is the highly selective part of the studies. During the first year the examinations are very hard to test if students are able to continue with their engineering studies.

  • ASINSA-EURINSA: INSA Rennes proposes special international sections for its students. These sections allow French students to study and work with students from other countries. Approximately 100 students in 1st and 2nd year, made up approximately for half of French students and half of European and Asian students coming from Romania, Hungary, Moldova, Spain, China and Vietnam.

Masters of Engineering[edit]

The second cycle is completed in 3 years which offers 7 different engineering specialties.

  • Computer Science
  • Mechanical engineering and Automatism
  • Civil engineering
  • Electronics and Computer Engineering
  • Materials Science & Engineering
  • Communication Systems & Networks
  • Mathematical engineering

Student life[edit]

The 17-hectare campus includes:

  • Four residential blocks (820 rooms and 171 studios) with Internet access
  • A restaurant (serving breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • A library
  • A multimedia centre with 100 freely accessible workstations, connected to the Internet and providing access to many

hardware and software resources

  • A student bar, of a capacity of 800 places
  • A student cafeteria
  • The "Halle Francis Querné", a general-purpose sports hall with a floor space of approximately 2,000 m²
  • Climbing wall
  • Bodybuilding room
  • Outdoor tennis courts


  • AEIR - INSA Rennes Engineering Students Association

With a 900-strong membership, the AEIR offers students a wide range of sports, leisure and cultural activities

  • AS (Association Sportive)

The AS offers students the opportunity to partake in organised sports events and other sporting activities of a more or less competitive nature.

  • Ouest INSA – Junior Entreprise

Students get involved in the business world.

  • FSIR – Formula Student INSA Rennes

Their aim is to take part in the worldwide Formula Student challenge and design, conceive and build a single-seat racing car.

  • Forum Synergie Ouest

FSO is an association which gets students in touch with companies based in the West of France.

  • EAI – Echange Afrique-INSA

The EAI carries out numerous aid projects in developing countries (construction of schools, etc.).

  • Association 1,2,3,4 L

A gateway to participating in the humanitarian "4L Trophy" for 4L Citroën cars. Teams carry aid parcels destined for people in need in Africa. ...

Annual events[edit]

  • WEIPA & WEI (September)

WEIPA is the freshers’ welcoming week. As its name implies,[clarification needed] it is not a question of ragging the newcomers, but of getting to know the 1st year students in a good-humoured festive atmosphere. WEI is also a welcoming week but intended for freshmen entering directly in the 3rd year, part of the studies known as the engineering studies. The first two years being a preparatory time.

  • Festival de l'Oeil Glauque (October)

Festival de l'oeil glauque (English: Festival of the squalid eye) is a role playing convention running each year. Board games and roleplaying games are available to players.

  • Forum du Grand Ouest (November)

This recruitment fair is an essential opportunity for meetings between students and industry (60 companies and 2500 students).

  • The Gala (November)

Students look their smartest for the grandest of evenings that is Gala Night. Entertainment is provided by live bands and a variety of stage acts with refreshments available in the theme-bar hall.

A LAN Party where more than 400 players gathers around several competitive games. The event also have a public part, where visitors can participate in retrogaming, watch streams and enjoy the show.

A multicultural festival based on the many interpretations of the word “sens”. This festival offers a rich and varied programme with the objective of promoting freedom of artistic expression.

Oldest French student festival and the 2nd largest music festival in Rennes with more than 30 000 visitors each year.

Notable students[edit]


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