Institute for Advanced Judaic Studies

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Institute for Advanced Judaic Studies
TypePrivate yeshiva
Established1997 (1997)
Parent institution
Kollel Toronto
Religious affiliation
Orthodox Judaism
Vice-presidentAlbert Engel
DeanRabbi Nosson Hofman
515 Coldstream Avenue
, , ,
ColoursBlue and White

The Institute for Advanced Judaic Studies is a Canadian Orthodox Jewish yeshiva. It is accredited by the Ontario Ministry of Education as a private university and has authority to grant bachelor's, master's, and doctorate degrees in Talmudic law and Judaic studies.


In 1970 a group of ten families from the BMG Institute for Advanced Learning of Lakewood, New Jersey moved to Toronto and founded the Toronto Kollel. The founders include: Rav Shlomo Eliyahu Miller, the Rosh Kollel of the Kollel Avreichim Institute for Advanced Judaic Studies in Toronto and head of its Beis Din (rabbinical court) and Rav Yaakov Hirschman.

Known previously as the Institute for Advanced Talmudic Study - Kollel Avreichim, it was incorporated by letters patent dated October 9, 1970 as an institution of higher learning in theology, religious education, scholarship and research. .[1]


  • to provide post-secondary training programs in religious education and in research in higher Jewish learning for rabbis, teachers and educators;
  • to develop the devotional and spiritual life of its students;
  • to encourage its students to develop a mastery of the content of the Bible, Judaic theology, talmudic law and legal codes.[2]


The building houses the 3,000-square-foot Bais Medrash, classrooms, three book libraries, CD library, two computer online libraries, the Bar Ilan computer resource library, the Kol Halashon online Lecture library, meeting rooms, a kitchen and a dining room.

The Ladies Auxiliary maintains the Weinstock Memorial Library which is open to the public and runs a series of community lectures.

Kollel Toronto[edit]

Kollel Toronto is an institution of learning consisting of a core group of scholars who are engaged in full-time Torah study at an advanced level—headed by Roshei Kollel, Rav Shlomo Miller שליט"א and Rav Yaakov Hirschman שליט"א.



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