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IANS (or, Institute for Applied Network Security), is a Boston-based decision support and consultancy organization focused exclusively on information security, regulatory compliance and IT risk management. IANS uses a "peer-based" research methodology that capitalizes on its Faculty members and community of practitioners. The company was founded in 2000 by current CEO Phil Gardner.

The IANS Faculty consists of nearly 50 acknowledged experts in the information security space, including current CISOs, authors, bloggers, technology evangelists, and others. The Faculty is headed by IANS' Senior VP and Chief Technology Officer, Dave Shackleford,[1] and includes Marcus Ranum, Aaron Turner, Kevin Johnson, Diana Kelley, Randy Sabbett, Alex Hutton, and others.

Through its events, regular research, inquiry services, and custom engagements, IANS provides IT executives with managerial and technical support and insights to help them make better, faster decisions around information security, compliance, and risk management.

Each year, IANS conducts regional two-day Information Security Forums which bring together information security executives, practitioners, and Faculty members to find out what they are seeing, hearing, and experiencing in the enterprise and to share information that might be helpful to others. These annual events take place in Washington, D.C., New York, Boston, Chicago, Minneapolis,[2] Atlanta, San Francisco, and Dallas.


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